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CCCBI Hosts Women Influencing Business Awards Dinner


The Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry (CCCBI) held its 2023 Women Influencing Business (WIB) Awards Dinner on Wednesday, September 13th at the White Manor Country Club. Andrea Youndt, CEO of the Chester County Food Bank was presented with the Female Business Leader of the Year Award, and Alaina Kearney, Marketing Director of Barsz, Gowie, Amon & Fultz was presented with the Female Rising Star of the Year Award.

Business leaders, community partners, family, and friends gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the night’s honorees.

CCCBI was also joined by Pennsylvania State Trooper, Katy Greenert, one of the law enforcement officers that apprehended the fugitive, Danelo Cavalcante who recently escaped from Chester County Prison, Chester County Commissioner Michelle Kichline, and Keynote Speaker Cherelle Parker, the 2023 Democratic Nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia. 

To read more, click the button below to view VISTA.Today's coverage of the memorable evening. 


Legislative Update


Potential Extended Government Shutdown Approaches


The Federal government is facing the real possibility of a shutdown if a compromise is not reached in Congress before September 30th. The impact to Chester County, and furthermore the nation, is hard to determine because mandatory spending will continue during a shutdown.


However, discretionary spending will come to a halt. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, past impasses have led to furloughs of federal contractor employees, closed national parks, put infrastructure projects on hold, and created delays around items such as permits, passports, bankruptcy, mortgage and banking applications, to name a few.


Negotiations to structure an 11th hour deal are still occurring, including a proposal from the Problem Solvers Caucus, which is a bipartisan group of US House Members which includes Representative Chrissy Houlahan of Chester County. The proposal includes:


  • Creating a Fiscal Commission to review and recommend a package to stabilize long-term deficits and debt and require CBO to consider the cost of servicing the debt in its estimations.
  • Adopting bipartisan budget process reform recommendations of the House Committee on Modernization and Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform to increase transparency, restore regular order, and prevent excessive use of CRs.
  • Passage of an FY24 full-year appropriations package by January 11, 2024, that adheres to the parameters and funding levels agreed upon in the Fiscal Responsibility Act.
  • The President’s funding request for Ukraine with transparency and federal disaster response.
  • A border security solution with enforcement through the 2024 calendar year.


However, bi-partisan talks apparently have yet to officially occur within House leadership, let alone lead to a package that would see Senate support.


CCCBI continues to monitor the situation and advocate for a resolution before any major impact is felt by our members.


Member Spotlight


Main Line Today


Main Line Today is a monthly magazine that has been celebrating life in the western suburbs of Philadelphia for twenty-seven years. Year-round, Main Line Today curates guides to Healthcare, Education, Home and more.


Just a few months ago, they launched Main Line Bite, a vibrant new platform to explore the Food, Beverage, and Dining landscape of the Main Line, growing its reputation as a food destination for the region.

The September edition,  2023's Power Women of the Main Line and Western Suburbs, features none other than CCCBI's Laura Manion!


Laura was selected as one of twenty-one exceptional female leaders in business. Her work as the Chamber's President & CEO has centered around the Chester County community and how to grow a thriving business economy for residents and visitors alike. It has even led to statewide initiatives advocating to the Pennsylvania Legislation in light of the childcare crisis.  


 Main Line Today is a proud supporter of chambers in general, and they have been members of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry since we were founded in 1996. We are grateful for their support of CCCBI and for honoring Laura Manion as a 2023 Power Woman!


Upcoming Events


Community Events


CCCBI Partners with West Chester University, Score, and More for 10th Annual Women's Entrepreneurship Conference


CCCBI is excited to be a partner and sponsor of West Chester University's 10th Annual Women's Entrepreneurship Conference!


Sign up today for this educational conference to learn from professional leaders and network with women from across the region! 


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