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An Important Legislative Update


Immigration, State Government, & U.S. Government Shutdown



This was a busy week for government activity and advocacy for the Chester County Chamber of Commerce of Business and Industry (CCCBI)!



CCCBI had the opportunity to sign onto a letter regarding reform to seasonal worker H2B Visas.

  • Chester County has over 50 employers with 800 workers who utilize this program, but that is not enough to support workforce demands.
  • CCBI is in support of federal legislation that would provide much needed permanent workforce certainty to small and seasonal businesses around the country.
  • The bill includes 1) Returning employer exemption 2) Increases H-2B Cap 3) Provides H-2B Cap Exemptions.
  • Members who have signed on to this letter or benefit from H2B Visa Reform: golf courses, landscaping companies, property, maintenance, and lawncare.


The Pennsylvania General Assembly was also in Session this week with activity on several bills of interest to CCCBI.

  • BIPARTISAN CLEAN SLATE LEGISLATION: This includes the Senate advancing Clean Slate Legislation (HB689) introduced by Representative Jordan Harris (D-Phila) that will create more second chances for Pennsylvanians to return to work by allowing more individuals with nonviolent criminal records to petition to have their records sealed, shorten the waiting period for misdemeanors, and incorporate key liability protections for employers.
    • CCCBI joined a coalition supporting this legislation due to the fact that this legislation helps with the current workforce crisis and will bolster the economy. According to the PA Chamber of Commerce, underemployment of formerly incarcerated people costs the U.S. economy as much as $87 billion in GDP every year. Moreover, employers who hire justice-impacted workers consistently report that their quality of work and contributions are either on par with or better than their peers, with notably lower turnover rates.
  • CODE BILL UPDATE: The General Assembly also passed legislation to fund state related universities, including Lincoln University but has yet to agree on “Code” Budget bills after months of delay. CCCBI has been strongly advocating that the final package include pro-business policies, namely mass transit funding, decreases to corporate net income tax and film and childcare tax credits.

  • CHILDCARE: CCCBI in conjunction with Delaware County and Westmoreland Chambers of Commerce is also conducting grassroots effort to focus on the childcare shortage.
    • While the final package should consider all pro-business policies, especially those listed above, we continually hear from employers on how the lack of accessible and affordable childcare is hampering the ability to hire. This is because potential workers can either not find childcare or afford it.
    • Out of all of the critical policy goals of the business community, the Childcare Tax Credit, seemingly has the most bi-partisan support during the current impasse. This is demonstrated by the fact that HB 1259, Easing the burden of child care costs, (Davis, Tina) passed the House of Representatives by 141-62.

Please utilize this link to ask the General Assembly to enact the childcare tax credit at a minimum, as other budget items are debated.



Next, the US House of Representatives took steps this week to avoid a government shutdown by passing a bipartisan funding package.

  • The package still has to pass the Senate and if so, would extend funding for housing, energy, transportation and veterans’ affairs until January 19th and other government operations until February 2nd.

Youth Leadership Program Hosts Etiquette Day 


On Tuesday, the Chester County Chamber Foundation's Youth Leadership Program (YLP) held its fourth program day of the 2023-2024 year at White Manor Country Club.


Etiquette Day, hosted by Michelle Leonard, was a huge hit with the students who learned proper techniques to set a table, conduct introductions, offer gratitude, and recognize the value of being your best self and respecting others. 


Thank you to Michelle and White Manor for hosting the YLP students and teaching them valuable skills for their personal and professional lives!


Students will meet again in one month at nth Solutions, LLC before the new year begins. 


CCCBI Regional Civics Bee Now Open for Submissions!


CCCBI is set to host our second Regional Civics Bee in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Chester County Intermediate Unit, and the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. 


The essay portion of the competition is officially underway! Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade students are encouraged to write an essay identifying a problem in their community, and how they can contribute to its improvement based on founding principles and civic virtues. 


All essays are due on Monday, January 8th


The Regional competition will take place on Tuesday, February 20th


Member News


Member Spotlight


Chester Valley Golf Club


If the Chester Valley Golf Club sounds familiar, it may be because we hosted our last Business After Hours (BAH) there last night! 


Nearly sixty Members and Non-Members alike came out to celebrate the one of the biggest BAH of 2023 at the beautiful Chester Valley, who provided excellent food, drinks, and most of all, service. But this is no surprise for the organization who is now celebrating their Centennial year. 


The rich history of Chester Valley is closely tied with the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), which used to run through some of the same land that the pristine golf course sits on and played a pivotal role in shaping the transportation landscape and development of Chester Valley. As players stride across fairways today, they stride upon the echoes of locomotives and the legacies of visionary endeavors.


Through challenges, adaptations, and shifts in eras dating back to 1846, Chester Valley Golf Club reminds us that progress isn't just about movement, but the stories etched into the landscapes and communities they've touched.  


CCCBI is proud to be a part of their ever-growing history and legacy. Thank you Chester Valley Golf Club!


Upcoming Events


We have changed the location of this event! Registration has re-opened for CCCBI Members!


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