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Summer Solstice a True Success


Last Thursday, the Chester County Chamber Foundation held their 2024 Summer Solstice celebration!


Thank you to everyone that joined us for a fabulous evening at Loch Aerie Mansion, LLC. We loved the food and drinks from our Members John Serock Catering, Locust Lane Craft Brewery, Penns Woods Winery and Cafe Gourmino.

A special Wine Pull raised almost $1000 for the Foundation and we surprised our guests with a raffle for tickets to a Philadelphia Phillies game this summer with a signed photo of third baseman Alec Bohm!

Three of our Youth Leadership students joined us to share the impact that the program had for their personal and professional journeys. Thanks to Zach, Gavin and Joe, the Foundation was able to truly share the importance this program has for so many students from across Chester County. They were then able to network with our guests and enjoy the beautiful live music provided by the Blind Date Band.

Our celebration would not have been possible without the support of each and every one of our sponsors. No matter how large or small the contribution, it makes a significant difference for our Foundation and the initiatives it supports like the Youth Leadership Program.


We would also be remiss if we didn't give a huge shoutout to Pennsylvania American Water, our Director of Community Partnerships - Marianne Martelli, Foundation Board Chair - Kathy Rosano and our entire Foundation Board, who dedicated countless hours to bringing this signature event together.


Thanks to our Media Sponsor, Kamelot Productions, we are proud to debut this exclusive video capturing the true success of the evening! 


July Brings Several Special Events to CCCBI


CCCBI is hosting several events and committee meetings in July!


Get registered for our upcoming events:

  • New Member Luncheon
    • Tuesday, July 9th from 12:00-1:30pm at CCCBI Headquarters
    • Our "orientation" for new members to navigate how to access our member portal, meet the staff and maximize your new membership
  • Speaker Series: The Future of AI
    • Thursday, July 11th from 12:00-1:00pm at CCCBI Headquarters
    • An educational opportunity with expert panelists to learn how to utilize AI for your business
  • Town Hall Meeting with Chrissy Houlahan
    • Tuesday, July 16th from 5:00-6:00pm at Penn State Great Valley
    • A unique opportunity to communicate directly with one of our legislators
    • This FREE event is reserved for CCCBI Members only, but registration is required!
  • Multi-Chamber Speed Networking
    • Wednesday, July 17th from 11:30am-1:30pm at Penn Oaks Golf Club
    • Network with hundreds of members from all eights Chambers of Chester County


Mark your calendars for our upcoming meetings:

  • Government Affairs Committee
    • Friday, July 12th from 8:30-9:30am at CCCBI Headquarters
    • In our monthly GAC meetings, our lobbyist, Alex Rahn, gives updates on specific tracked legislation to update our members in various sectors on legislation that may affect their business
    • Attendees include member businesses of all sizes, non-profits, community partners, and more

Legislative Update


CCCBI Addresses State Budget Delay


In light of the recent Pennsylvania State Budget delay, President & CEO, Laura Manion, has addressed our legislators on behalf of the CCCBI Membership. Please see our call for a timely resolution below.  



Dear Chester County Legislative Delegation:


The mission of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry is to be a member-driven advocate for pro-business and pro-growth policy. Thus, on behalf of our membership, the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry is asking for a timely resolution of the FY2024 state budget that includes the following items:

  • Improving the tax structure for businesses, namely the accelerated reduction of the Corporate Net Income. Tax, changes to the cap on Net Operating Losses, and Childcare Tax Credit.
  • Policies that support workforce development, such as access to housing, childcare, and reliable infrastructure, including sales tax provisions that will assist mass transit agencies.
  • Regulatory reform to benefit employers.
  • Responsible development of energy resources.
  • Promoting tourism and economic development through adequate funding.
  • Policies that lead to a well-educated and skilled workforce.

The enclosed document listing our legislative priorities captures all of this. Your support of pro-business policies will go a long way toward making Pennsylvania a better place to live, work, and raise a family.


We look forward to continuing to interact with you on important business issues, such as those outlined in our attached Legislative Agenda. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.




Laura Manion

President & CEO

Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry


Guest Columnist


How to Shine in the Workplace - Show Up Effectively Authentic

by Ana Welsh


I used to show up as my “whole self” at work...and it didn’t work. Why? I unintentionally became and energy vampire. I depleted the energy in the room with my emotions and personalized feelings on things. I was stressed, working long hours, not thinking clearly. I was constantly exhausted and exhausting others. 


That was me 12 years ago. I learned quickly I needed to change my ways. I did a 180, got promoted up to Vice President, built an award-winning company culture, slashed turnover, became a servant leader. I learned to be authentic, but in an effective way. I became more aware and thoughtful in how I showed up, what I said and how I reacted to challenges. 


Ten years after that, I decided to take all the soft skills I learned and started my business as a leadership coach, trainer and speaker.  


Now I get to share my learnings with others and help elevate their shine in the workplace – through my “Signature Self” leadership coaching program. 


So what does it mean to shine in the workplace? Shining in the workplace means you’re an energizer because you show up and speak effectively. People see you and get energized by you, they get excited that you’re in that strategy meeting, they learn from you and see you as a motivator in the workplace. 


Are you being effectively authentic? Are you thinking through what you’re going to say, before you say it? Do you practice the art of editing your words to drive clarity and collaboration? Are you adding value, in a thoughtful way?  


As my whole self, I used to be unfiltered in my opinions and had zero consideration on how my words landed. I was driven by what matters to me personally at work and what my subjective opinion was about an idea. I viewed things through only my perspective versus a big picture perspective. I prioritized my subjective thoughts over the objective outcome. 


As a Signature Self leader, I encourage my coachees to be execution focused with an approachable confidence. To be socially aware and thoughtful to use collaborative words and try to play the (professional psychological) game to gain buy in for ideas versus dominating a discussion. For example, instead of saying “That idea won’t work because we don’t have the budget for something so expensive,” consider the “Yes and” approach instead, “Yes, what I like about that idea is how it can drive a sense of belonging and perhaps we can figure out a way to execute it in a more cost-effective way, would you be open to brainstorming that together?”  


It’s never fun to have a conversation with someone that has an opposing view, attitude or feeling than you. Human nature causes you to immediately judge them and either shut down or battle their opposition. Yet, neither option drives progress. What drives progress is using your words thoughtfully, delivering it with a caring tone and being open-minded to simply listen. 


Don’t forget, communicating is also nonverbal. I used to get a “fix your face” text message from my work bestie because I would get so emotional about the discussion, it would show without me having to say a word. A simple smile or neutral facial expression can make a massive difference in the energy of the room. A Signature Self leader is conscious of their body language just as much as the language being used.  


While you may be reading this and think – this is so much easier said than done. You’re right. But it can be done. With the right attitude, the right intentions and the right approach. You can show up authentic in an effective way so you can shine at work (and get closer to that promotion). 


Need help figuring out exactly how to shine through proper communication and effective authenticity? Reach out to me via the link below to schedule a complimentary curiosity call to see if and how I can help or your team members elevate their soft skills through coaching and or training. 

Ana brings a wealth of knowledge, her energetic flair, and a track record of effecting tangible success to franchise businesses and emerging leaders. A seasoned coach, she has dedicated herself to fostering professional growth and invigorating leadership within the complex tapestry of today’s business environment.


Before stepping into the limelight to guide others, she sculpted the foundations of employee engagement slashing turnover by over 50% in two years within a rapidly expanding, investor-driven healthcare enterprise. Now, as the architect of her own business, Ana customizes her strategic coaching to anchor and expand the capacities of small business owners and professionals seeking that competitive edge. 


Ana offers leading coaching for individuals and groups, team trainings and workshops and conducts speaking engagements both virtually and in person.

Ana Welsh 

Executive Leadership Coach, Team Trainer and Speaker

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