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Julie Varga Promoted to Vice President-Operations & Events


CCCBI's Director of Events, Julie Varga, has been promoted to Vice President - Operations & Events!


"I’m thrilled to have been promoted to CCCBI’s Vice President – Operations & Events," said Julie, "I’ve spent the last year and a half helping to build up the Chamber and now I’m excited to watch the it continue to grow and thrive. We have an incredible team in place and I’m looking forward to the year ahead!"


Please join us in congratulating Julie for her hard work and well-deserved promotion!


Youth Leadership Program Holds Team Building Day


On Tuesday, October 24th, The Chester County Chamber Foundation's Youth Leadership Program held its Team Building Day at Wawa Headquarters. 


Students were able to tour the campus with John Kalogredis, Manager of Food and Service Process Design and Integration. As a member of CCCBI's Foundation Board, John was able to meet the next generation of leaders, and educate them on not only his career path, but the numerous paths available at Wawa. 


The students then worked in teams throughout the day, and even participated in a speed networking session with seven Wawa employees, and two other Foundation Board members, Alaina Kearney of BGA&F, and Katie LaDow of Lamb McErlane

At the end of the day, several students had the chance to meet Wawa CEO, Chris Gheysens. After this incredible program day, we are excited for our next scheduled day at White Manor Country Club!


CCCBI Ambassador Launches New Networking Group


CCCBI Ambassador, Drew Braun, launched his new community networking group, ChesCo Business Network. 


The ChesCo Business Network is the group for you if you're looking to grow your network with likeminded and growth-oriented professionals, free of charge, each week. 


Come and grow with them every Wednesday morning, at CCCBI Headquarters, from 8:00 - 9:00am. 


Legislative Update


Commonwealth Court Rules on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative


On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled against the Commonwealth joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). RGGI is  a multi-state compact to cap and reduce CO2 emissions from the power sector. The filing from the Court states the initiative is an invalid tax and constitutionally the state’s participation in RGGI can only be reached through legislation enacted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The court agreed in a 4-1 decision with Judge Michael Wojcik writing the majority opinion and Judge Ellen Ceisler issuing the dissenting opinion. As reported by State Impact Wojcik’s opinion declares the RGGI rulemaking void and prohibits DEP from enforcing the rule.


“Where, as here, the moneys generated and received by the Commonwealth’s participation in the auctions are ‘grossly disproportionate’ to the costs of overseeing participation in the program or DEP’s and EQB’s annual regulatory needs, and relate to activities beyond their regulatory authority, the regulations authorizing Pennsylvania’s participation in RGGI are invalid and unenforceable,” Wojcik wrote. “Stated simply, to pass constitutional muster, the Commonwealth’s participation in RGGI may only be achieved through legislation duly enacted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly …”


Ceisler, in her dissenting opinion, wrote that there was not enough information to side with either party.


“Based upon the record before us, it does not seem that the emissions allowance auction process would impose what could be deemed fees in the traditional sense, but, by the same token, it is not entirely clear that the proceeds raised thereby would constitute a tax,” Ceisler wrote.


The court case was filed against the Department of Environmental Protection under previous Governor Tom Wolf, but it is unclear if the now Shapiro Administration will appeal it to the Supreme Court in the 30-day deadline, which environmental groups are already urging him to do. Indeed, conservation Voters of PA Executive Director Molly Parzen called the ruling “a misguided but temporary setback.”


“Governor Shapiro’s record on protecting our air, water and natural resources is a robust one stretching back to his tenure as attorney general, county commissioner and state legislator. We are confident in his commitment to our environment,” Parzen said.


In a statement today, Governor Shapiro’s office stated, “the Shapiro Administration is carefully reviewing the Commonwealth Court’s decision as we evaluate next steps,” Manuel Bonder, a spokesperson for Shapiro’s office, and, “this decision is solely focused on the narrow question of whether this policy put in place by the prior administration constitutes a tax or a fee. Governor Shapiro remains focused on addressing climate change, reducing emissions, and protecting public health while creating jobs and protecting consumers.”   


In addition, Governor Shapiro’s “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Working Group” recently issued a non-binding memo in which the full group did not agree that RGGI is the best program to reduce emissions and instead expressed concerns on energy reliability and protecting energy jobs. In addition, even though they agree on a “cap and invest carbon regulation” they are recommending that Pennsylvania not join RGGI for now until neighboring states also enter the initiative. The memo also stresses that energy and environmental policies should include negotiations with the General Assembly which was the root of the current case in front of the Commonwealth Court.


Member Spotlight


Longwood Gardens


Longwood Gardens combines spectacular garden design, horticulture, education, and the arts interplay to inspire and enlighten their guests.


One of the world’s great gardens, Longwood’s story is one of legacy, innovation, and stewardship. Their gardens are a living expression of all that their founder, Pierre S. du Pont, found inspiring, meaningful, and beautiful. From the intricate fountain systems to the meticulous gardens to the architectural grandeur, awe-inspiring discoveries await at every turn.


Longwood Gardens embarked on a $250 million, 17-acre expansion in what the Chester County tourist destination is calling its “most ambitious revitalization in a century.” With its projected debut in fall of 2024, Longwood Gardens continues to welcome guests and events alike, including CCCBI's Annual Dinner!


We are excited to host the 2023 Annual Awards Celebration at Longwood Gardens to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the top notch service, and welcome our two fantastic honorees, Executive of the Year, Maureen Tomoschuk, and Corporate Citizen of the Year, Independence Blue Cross!


Thank you Longwood Gardens for being our Member of the Week!


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