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Laura Manion Testifies at House Finance Committee Hearing


On Monday, June 5, 2023, Laura Manion travelled to Harrisburg to present testimony to the House Finance Committee Informational Meeting on House Bill 1259 (Childcare Tax Credit). 


The bill, sponsored by Rep. Melissa Shusterman of Chester County who has been a major champion on this issue and a great working partner of the Chamber, has the potential to expand the childcare tax credit that was previously passed. Over the next several years, the Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit will ensure that the credit keeps up with the rising costs of over time and helps working families return to or remain in the workforce. 


Manion's continued advocacy for childcare includes the interconnectivity of accessible childcare, the workforce, and the economy. Bill 1259 will both offer a financial buffer for working-class families, and incentivize them to return to them to return to the workforce. The labor shortage has cost Pennsylvania alone the potential to earn up to $3 billion a year if workers remained in their positions. To date, almost 60% of all parents cite a lack of childcare availability or affordability as their primary reason for leaving the workforce. 


Legislative Update


Pennsylvania House Votes to Pass Clean Slate Expansion


On Monday, June 5, 2023, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill 689, thereby amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes. House Bill 689 will expand Clean Slate automated record sealing to include drug and property felonies. 


With bipartisan solidarity from the House, this legislation will move to the PA Senate. Rep. Jordan A. Harris and Sheryl M. Delozier lead the effort to raise awareness for the positive economic effect that Clean Slate laws bring to Pennsylvania in particular. To date, more than forty-three million cases have been sealed, allowing millions to attain housing, employment and education without discrimination due to old or minor felonies. 


With the exception of drug felonies that have carried a sentence of more than thirty months, cases of minimal severity will be eligible for a clean slate after ten years and no additional misdemeanors or felony convictions. 


The labor shortage has continued to progress while Pennsylvania remained misaligned with best practices and evidence-based policies that have already taken effect in thity-seven other states. The re-entry of non-violent felons to the workforce will stimulate Pennsylvania's economy, especially given that job applicants who have a drug-related felony on their record are more than twice as likely to be passed over than a job applicant with no record, leaving millions of job-seekers without sources of income, and employers without ample staff. 


The Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry supports this initiative to broaden the workforce and stimulate Pennsylvania's business economy. 


Member Spotlight


Valley Creek Productions


Valley Creek Productions has been an active member of CCCBI for eleven years, and an even more active member of the Chester County Community since 2005. Led by Justin Chan, this local videography company handles all things branding and production related for small and large businesses alike. 


This Coatesville based company has been the recipient of several awards both in the county and Philadelphia, including Top 25 LGBT Owned Companies by the Philadelphia Business Journal from 2016-2021. Justin's personal journey has inspired others to follow in his footsteps and create space for being oneself while running a business. 


The extensive work and dedication of Justin Chan and his team within the Chester County community has contributed to LGBT representation in business, branding and content creation for non-profits, and even the revitalization of downtown Coatesville. As their exclusive videographer, Valley Creek Productions is actively developing content and working towards giving back to a city that has acted as "home" for several years. 


Member Events


The Chester County History Center (CCHC) will hold multiple days of events and programs in commemoration of Juneteenth. 


6/14/23 at 7:00 PM: CCHC will hold a virtual program led by the Chester County Archives. FROM WHENCE WE CAME: FINDING BLACK ANCESTORS IN HISTORICAL RECORDS is the program focused on African American Genealogy. The program will guide participants on how to trace their ancestry and overcome the unique hurdles that Black history presents. The program will be facilitated by Kimberly F.B. Bucklaw, a historian, educator, and professional genealogist.


6/15/23 - 6/18/23: CCHC will have JUNETEENTH TOURS centered on African American History. The Underground Railroad tour explores historic sites that serve as a backdrop for the stories of the brave people who helped enslaved men, women, and children as they passed through West Chester on their journeys toward freedom. The Uptown West Chester tour explores the very center of town as we share stories of early 20th-century African American entrepreneurs like James Spence and follow in the footsteps of Bayard Rustin as he grew into an activist in his hometown. 

at 6:00 PM: CCHC will host A CELEBRATION OF BAYARD RUSTIN & AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY. An evening event to celebrate Bayard Rustin, his remarkable past, how his work continues to transform the present, and the future he inspires and illuminates as an African American History Maker. The event will feature Illuminating Rustin, a powerful performance by People’s Light Theater, the virtual commentaries of awarded actor Colman Domingo, who portrays Bayard in the upcoming Netflix film Rustin, and a conversation about Bayard Rustin led by author Michael Long.


Upcoming Events


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