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CCCBI's Women Influencing Business Committee is proud to recognize two women as the recipients of the Female Business Leader of the Year Award and the Rising Star of the Year Award!


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CCCBI President & CEO, Laura Manion, Delivers Keynote Speech at VISTA Millennial Superstar Reception & Celebration


On Thursday, May 18th, VISTA.TODAY held their Millennial Superstar Reception and Celebration at Penn State Great Valley. Laura Manion, President & CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry, had the honor of delivering the keynote speech of the evening. 


As a millennial herself, Manion is no stranger to the Superstar title. In 2019, Manion was named a member of the inaugural class of VISTA Millennial Superstars. Today, she is still strengthening her connections throughout the community and seeking new ways to further the mission of the Chamber.


In her speech, Manion highlighted who her fellow millennials are and why they are taking the workforce by storm. "Millennials now make up the largest generation of our workforce today. As a generation, we are defined by the impact of technology, having to adapt to the ever-expanding social media and communication advancements. Our generation has introduced different thought processes on leadership, cultural issues, and politics, differentiating us from previous generations," said Manion.


Technology continues to advance, as do the motivations of her peers, who continue to use their newfound leadership roles to advocate for "more public transportation and bikability in our communities. Sustainability and smart energy decisions. Responsible development to support affordable and attainable housing. Accessibility and affordability of childcare. Diversity, equity and inclusion," said Manion. 


With congratulations given to all 40 Millennial Superstars, Laura Manion and CCCBI look forward to the innovative thinking that this generation is bringing to the workforce. 


Legislative Update


House Representatives Continue Negotiations in the Face of Default Deadline


Negotiations over reining in government spending have become the main hurdle in reaching a deal to raise the U.S. debt ceiling. Stocks have declined as anxieties about the debt ceiling rise due to a potential government default just a week away. The White House has offered a spending freeze for next year, while Republican negotiators insist on lower discretionary spending as a critical step in addressing the growing debt. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stated that spending less than the previous year is not difficult. Still, Democrats argue that the GOP demand to cut spending is unreasonable, especially considering the White House's willingness to freeze discretionary spending next year. Negotiators met for four hours but have yet to announce the next meeting. The Treasury Department warns that the government could run out of money to pay its bills by June 1, potentially leading to a default. Wall Street and financial experts worry that a default could do tremendous damage to the American economy and could raise the interest rate at which the United States would borrow money in the future.


Fitch Ratings placed the United States' triple-A status on "rating watch negative," indicating downside risks to the country's creditworthiness. McCarthy expressed optimism about reaching a deal to avoid default, but House members were informed that they would not be required to remain in Washington over the weekend for a debt ceiling vote which suggests that a deal is not imminent.


The negotiations face challenges, such as the GOP seeking an increase in military spending while insisting on broader spending cuts. Republicans and Democrats are in agreement that there will be no changes to major entitlement programs, despite their making up half of the federal budget. A deal on reclaiming unused COVID-19 relief funds is mostly agreed upon, but work requirements for federal benefits programs remain a point of contention. McCarthy has committed to cutting spending but hasn't specified a goal. While Republicans have insisted on adding work requirements for welfare programs, that push has yet to gain Democratic support. Negotiators have just one week to come to an agreement before a potential default.


Member Spotlight


EZ Pizzi Cleaning


EZ Pizzi Cleaning is a residential cleaning company founded in 2014 by Samantha Jackson. You've probably seen their bright green vehicles with the infamous spray bottle and beautiful flowers driving throughout Chester County! 


Some of their services include weekly, biweekly, and monthly routine services,  move-in and move-out cleanings, one-time deep cleanings, and post construction cleanings. No matter what service is needed, EZ Pizzi Cleaning guarantees customer satisfaction. 


“Our customers have their individual needs, so we meet and create a custom scope of work to fit everyone to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on being reliable offering very consistent arrival days and times for our customers.  Quality assurance is important to us, so we work in teams of three to ensure that every facet of the cleaning is covered," Samantha Jackson. 


Choose EZ Pizzi Cleaning for $50 off your initial cleaning for routine cleaning services and remember, "We don't cut corners, we clean them!"

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