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CCCBI Celebrates Women's History Month


March is designated as Women's History Month, and CCCBI is taking this opportunity to celebrate our women-led Chamber staff!


This week, we're recognizing our Director of Community Partnerships, Marianne Martelli!

Marianne has been at the Chamber for sixteen years in several different capacities. Her involvement with the Chester County Chamber Foundation, Youth Leadership Program, and community relations has solidified her as a member of our team who can never be replaced. If you know Marianne, you'll agree that she is truly one of a kind!

In honor of Women's History Month, we asked Marianne how the women in her life have played a role in her professional development. Here's what she had to say:

Please join us in giving Marianne a well-deserved round of applause! 


Youth Leadership Program Visits DFT Inc.


On Tuesday, the Chester County Chamber Foundation's Youth Leadership Program travelled to Exton to visit DFT Inc. 


While DFT Inc. is known for their manufacturing of Check Valves and Control Valves, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes! 


The YLP students had the opportunity to hear directly from engineers, accountants, sales staff, and marketing managers about how their roles fit into DFT Inc. After a Q&A session with the speakers, the students were taken on personalized tours.


One group of students was led by none other than DFT Inc.'s President, David W. Moser, who also serves as a Director Emeritus for CCCBI's Board of Directors. 


Before the end of the program day, Erica Wright, the founder of Steven's Wings: Global Youth Adventures, joined us to educate the students on why travel is more than just an experience; it's a vital pathway to understanding, growth, and empowerment. Erica shared information on the passport scholarship program, which was designed to remove financial barriers to travel for high school students. 


Thank you to the entire team at DFT Inc. and Steven's Wings for taking the time to interact with the next generation of leaders. 


Legislative Update


Laura Manion Offers Testimony to House Finance Committee on House Bill 1958


CCCBI President & CEO, Laura Manion, testified in front of the House Finance Committee on Wednesday afternoon in support of House Bill 1958: Incentivizing Employer Contributions to Employee Childcare. 


If passed, the bill would amend the Tax Reform Code of 1971, providing employer child care contribution tax deductions. "We have an opportunity for businesses to expand the utilization of resources and strategies for their employees," said Manion.


Respondents of a recent survey from the PA Chamber along with the PA Early Learning Investment Commission indicated that as employers, they offer some childcare support in some capacity, including flexible schedules, extended paid/unpaid family leave, and childcare information and referrals. Based on the survey, as well as feedback from Members of CCCBI, employers do want to contribute in assisting their employees with their childcare struggles. 


A direct note from the PA Chamber and Early Learning Investment Committee’s report said that, “many employers identify parents as revenue drivers in their own businesses and organizations. This willingness to help, coupled with the motivation driven by impact on a business’s bottom line, points to an important role for the private sector in local and system change efforts.”


Feedback from the CCCBI membership mirrors the following survey results:

• Pennsylvania’s workforce includes over one million working parents with children under six years old.
• 81% of employers indicated they have moderate or significant recruitment and retention issues due to childcare. 
• 69% of businesses said it is extremely or very important to help employees meet childcare needs. 
• 71 % of employers say lack of affordability is the main reason employees struggle with childcare. 


Childcare has consistently been one of the main concerns of our member employers - impacting their workforce and ability to hire and grow. If a business can contribute a small amount – whatever they can afford – monthly, quarterly or annually, they will create an environment and culture where their employees know they are valued, and therefore, be more inclined to be a productive employee and stay for the long term.


In Chester County, the cost of infant care for one child is over $17,000 annually. A recent statistic from showed that in more than half the states in this country, childcare costs more than in-state public college tuition.


Representative Liz Hanbidge’s bill is another positive step in the right direction toward assisting our working parents in getting back to and staying at work. 


CCCBI continues to support legislation with the intent to improve the tax structure and reform current regulation to be more streamlined and transparent for businesses. To learn more about our advocacy goals and current legislative priorities, please read our updated legislative agenda below. 


Membership Spotlight


Endura IV Solutions

Endura IV Solutions is the most convenient and accessible mobile IV hydration and vitamin infusion service on Pennsylvania’s Main Line. Their name, Endura, has Latin roots in the word "endure" - to last, or continue. That's what a healthy life is really all about - enduring all that the world has to throw at us and thriving anyway. 
Endura serves customers in a 15-mile radius from Malvern, PA, in Chester County and the surrounding areas. At its core, Endura's business is concierge, mobile services - everything is done from the comfort of your own home, business, or event. Offering a range of infusion options, from hangover remedies to immunity and athletic performance solutions, as well as NAD+ and boosters like B12, Vitamin D, and Zofran, Endura IV Solutions helps their clients feel better faster and stay healthy longer.
Owner/operator, Amanda Abboud, is a licensed, Board Certified, Family Nurse Practitioner with more than a decade of healthcare experience ranging from emergency and urgent care to family medicine and college health. She’s given thousands of IVs and injections in her career - and no shortage of them in serious, high-pressure situations where speed and accuracy meant the difference in someone’s life. So, getting your IV started quickly, safely, and with minimal pain from the comfort of your home? That’s a walk in the park.
On par with ensuring that their clients receive amazing service and better health outcomes, at Endura, safety is paramount. While they love to laugh and have a great time with their clients, they take their craft and your health seriously. Endura will tell you if what you’re asking us for is a bad idea and they won’t do it if so (they've seen some scary stuff out there from other IV services). You can expect Endura to use new, clean gloves, lines, needles, and other supplies from respected suppliers, every time. They’ll happily coordinate with your primary doctor if you have questions about what treatment is best for you.
All of the vitamins and medicines used are sourced from State Board of Pharmacy regulated compounding pharmacies here in the United States to ensure only the highest quality ingredients. (No vitamins you purchase, online or at the store, are FDA approved to treat any specific condition or disease. Beware of any provider who tells you they are).
Endura disposes of any sharps or other medical waste in their own containers, and takes all trash with them when they leave. The only things left behind are some post-IV instructions, good feelings, and the smile they greeted you with.
In other words, you’re in great hands with Endura!

CCCBI is proud to feature women-owned and operated businesses in our Membership Spotlights during Women's History Month. When we asked Amanda what being a women in business means to her, she said, "Few things make me as proud as when my little Madelyn gives “check-ups” to her stuffed animals 'like mommy does,' or sees me in my Endura shirt, heading out to see a client, and says “Mommy is going to her business!”

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